About the Author
Kelsey Odom
Sometimes some of the best works come from those who are insomniacs. I am hopeful that my piece will not disappoint. When I began writing The Cloven Rose I was just entering nursing school and had swine flu. I pretty much did not sleep for a couple of weeks, and by that point was pretty delusional which most likely influenced my dreams. So, from my delusional dreams and my insomniac type of life I created a story about one of the dreams I had during that time.  Now that I am finished with school and am a Registered Nurse and working it has become increasingly difficult to continue to write my second novel, but I am working on it.

My Life in a Nutshell

Working as an RN


No children

Two dogs- Biscuit and Hoss

Lives in Oklahoma

Doesn’t drive a cool car any more. Now I drive a familymobile.

Lost my best friend and am still dealing with intermittent depression

Excited about going on vacation- going back to KC for Nascar in October

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We Miss You Teresa. May you rest in peace.
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